‘They have to defend themselves’: U.S. Marshals speak out on violent clashes with Portland protestors – NBC News

For 63 consecutive nights, deputies from the U.S. Marshals Service in Portland, Oregon, have stood their ground, carrying out their mission to protect and defend the federal courthouse from violent a… [+7299 The Asigo System Review]

Report: Coronavirus infected scores of children and staff at Georgia sleep-away camp – The Washington Post

While similar clusters have occurred around funerals, weddings, teenage parties and adult gatherings throughout the covid-19 pandemic, few super-spreading events have been documented among children.
… [+5411 canecas personalizadas em São José dos Pinhais]

‘O’ Magazine: Why Oprah Winfrey Chose Not to Appear on One of Her Magazine’s Final Covers – For the 1st Time in Its History – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Launching in April of 2000, O magazine has featured on every one of its covers its namesake and visionary, Oprah Winfrey, in one bright and colorful photograph or another.
For the first time in the … [+3084 The Asigo System Review]

Video resurfaces of Trump struggling to vote in person in 2004 as he ramps up attacks on mail-in voting – CNN

Washington (CNN)Video of then-businessman Donald Trump struggling to vote in-person before declaring he would fill out an absentee ballot in 2004 has resurfaced this week amid a new round of unfounde… [+3356 The Asigo System Review]

Dow Futures Gain As Apple Leads Big Tech Earnings Blowout; Amazon and Facebook to Power Nasdaq Near Record Highs – TheStreet

  • Global stocks mixed on the final trading day of the month, with Asia held down by recovery concerns and Europe and the US rising on big tech earnings.
  • Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Goog… [+4563 The Asigo System Review]